• Manage expenses and its categories
  • Manage incomes and its categories
  • User management
  • Manage currencies
  • Profile settings
  • Manage expenses and its categories
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Supported Versions

Expense Manager

Expense management software simplifies and automates a business’s expense entry, streamlines review, eliminates the paper trail, and reduces administrative effort. Expense management software allows administrators to have full visibility of and track employee use of business financial resources. Expense management software analyzes overall expenses, identifies cost-saving opportunities, and controls excessive spending.

Manage expenses and its categories

Admin will add the expenses of every employee based on the categories. Admin can view and update the existing expenses. Employees can view the expenses list. There is a search option to select a particular expense from the list. We can also view the total expenses within a date.

Manage incomes and its categories

Keep track of all your income, manage your budget for your business or your personal finances. It provides the ability to group your income into categories and lets you set a budget and track income in the category.

User management

This module is used to manage the users of this system. Admin can add new users to the system. They can also select the type of user while creating.

Profile settings

Logged in users have the permission to edit their profile details such as profile image, mail id, user name, etc. They can also reset the login password.