• Admin users management
  • Manage Student
  • Manage Kickstart engineers
  • Trainers management
  • Easy Course management
  • IGCT
  • Create Portfolio
  • Manage Calendar

Student Management System

A student management system is a software to manage all day to day operations for an institute. Handling students, trainers, Courses are the key features of this system. This system helps the institute to store, manage, and distribute all the information’s of the student, kickstart engineer, students, and trainers. The dashboard of the system is user-friendly. A quick view of admin users, students, trainers, and kickstart engineers with total count gives a brief of the system users.

There are mainly 4 different interfaces included in this system. They are Admin, Kickstart engineers, Trainers, and students. Login, Forgot password, Email notifications, Profile settings are the common interfaces included like every other system.

Admin controls the entire system. Users like students, trainers and kickstart engineers can log in to the system after completing the registration process.

Manage Students

Facilitate student engagement with their peers and tutors. Allowing students to view personal details, schedules, academic results and more. Also, manage the student Writeboard. Admin can create writeboard for each student based on the subject.

After logging in, the student can do the following,

  • Manage profile
  • Add/Edit portfolio
  • View courses assigned
  • View assigned IGCT modules
  • See the assigned events
Admin users management

We can create multiple users in this system. Only the basic details like email, the password is needed for creating a new user.

Managing the courses

Managing the courses of a student is simple and fast in this system. Admin will assign the courses to the student with the start and end date. Students can have the privilege to view the assigned courses when he/she logged in.

Manage the trainers

After logging in, trainers can view his/her student’s details along with the student portfolio. Also, they can view and edit the events associated with students.

Manage Kickstart engineer

Kickstart engineer can view and edit the evidence and certificate details. Here, engineer can upload the job sheets and images of each work type.