• Manage products
  • Manage customers
  • Customer & Vendor Invoice management
  • Manage Sales executives

Stock Management System

Stock management is the practice of ordering, storing, tracking, and controlling inventory. stock management covers every aspect of a business’s Efficient stock control requires understanding the mix of different kinds of stock and acknowledging the demands on that stock. This helps keeps stock at a reasonable level, balancing the need for surplus supplies with the need to reduce tied-up capital.

Manage products

In the stock management system, the admin will register new products by adding the details including product name, image price, qty, etc. There are two Warehouses, store one and store two, you can save the product into any of these two. Admin also can edit and delete the already created products.

Manage customers

Only the admin has the privilege to add the new customer. Once added, they can place the order for the products. They can also view the old bill history.

Customer & Vendor Invoice management

Managing orders can be one of the toughest jobs for a small business owner. In the store dashboard, you can see the total customers, vendors and invoices included in the system. This module manages product orders. Here we can create new vendors. Both customers and vendors can plan the orders.

Manage Sales executives

This module manages the sales executives. Customers and vendors can select executives while ordering a particular product. Customers/ vendors can see all the registered executives in the dropdown list on the order page.