• Manage PPE
  • Mange Workcenters
  • Manage personnel
  • Manage issuance
  • Report keeping
  • View PPE statistics

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE management system is a user-friendly management system that guarantees the integrity and quality of PPE inventory whereby only certified products are incorporated into the system, resulting in an immediate reduction in risk. This system that measures, assesses, evaluates and manages Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), using a cloud-based platform that leads to consequent lengthening of PPE item lifespans, optimized usage, and safer workplaces.

Manage PPE

Creating and managing PPE is dealing with this module. Types of PPE you can use are Face shield, Gas Mask, Helmet. PPE must be properly looked after and stored when not in use, eg in a dry, clean cupboard. If it is reusable it must be cleaned and kept in good condition.

Mange Workcenters

This module deals with creating and managing the work centers for PPE. Here, you can select equipment as a batch.