• Manage clients
  • Manage Quotes
  • Invoice Management
  • Payments
  • Currency setting
  • Report keeping
Demo Admin
User : [email protected]/ Test12345
Supported Versions
PHP : Up to 5.4
MySQL : Up to 5.6
Software Technology : CodeIgniter, MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap 4
Browsers : Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE 11, Safari, Opera

Invoice System

Invoice Manager is a simple web-based software that automates online invoicing and assists you in the billing process. Our flexible PHP invoice system will fit every business’ and customer’s needs.

An Invoice is a document given to the buyer by the seller to collect payment. Includes the cost of the product purchased. Invoice System is a software that automatically generates the billing for the rendered products or services. This system offers a saving of cost and time. Create and customize an invoice, facilitate billing, and generate reports are the main features of this system. It features full automatic invoicing, administrative controls, email invoicing, products and tasks managing, etc. Companies use invoice management processes to ensure vendors and suppliers receive payment in a timely manner.

Manage Clients

The main purpose of this module is to provide all the functionality related to the client. We have created all the types of operations for the client. So that it’s easy to track the clients of this system. The main features of this client module are;

  • Admin can add, edit, view, delete the client details
  • Only admin can have permission to update the records of the client
Manage Quotes

The main purpose of developing this module is to manage the quotes. Admin will manage all quotes and customers will be able to see the quotes.

Invoice Management

Here, all the invoices are managed by admin. Only the admin has the privilege to add an invoice. Admin can add, edit, view and delete the invoice. A logged-in client can view the list of all invoices.

Payment Module

Payment is also an important module in this system. All payments will be managed by the admin. Adding a new payment, editing the existing payment are the functionalities done by the admin whereas others can view the list of payments in detail. You can do the payment by cash or card.

Currency setting

Multiple currency settings can be useful for issuing receipts, accepting payment and managing taxes, and it is of vital importance for businesses with global operations.
Here, we can add new currency by giving the currency name and its symbol. You can also have the permission to update and delete the existing currencies if needed.

Report Keeping

Our invoice management system provides the reports for all the major modules like clients, quotes, invoices, and payments. You have the option to take the report based on the dates(start and end dates).