• Manage contractors
  • Client management
  • Easy engineer updations
  • Work orders
  • Manage appliances
  • Create job addresses

Gas Safety System

Gas is defined in the Gas Act and the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations. The gas safety management system creates an environment where all aspects of the design, construction, and operation of a gas distribution system are subject to third party audit and certification. This allows the owner or operator of a distribution system to fulfill their legal obligations for safety in a rigorous manner while at the same time allowing a certain amount of flexibility in their implementation.
Here, In this system admin and users have permission to login. Users include contractors, clients, and engineers. Admin only has the privilege to add the different users into this system.

Manage contractors

This module is mainly developed to manage the contractors. Admin can add the new contractors into the system by giving their details such as trading title, address, Gas safe no, etc. Admin can view the list of contractors added to this system. They also have the option to export the list of contractors as CSV or pdf. They can also take the print out of the list.

Manage Clients

The main purpose of this module is to provide all the functionality related to the client. We have created all the types of operations for the client. So that it’s easy to track the clients of this system.

Manage Engineers

Admin can add new engineers into this system. Not all engineers are qualified to do all types of gas work. Every registered engineer, who is issued with a Gas Safe ID card. Engineers need to provide the Gas Safe ID Card Number for registration. Only the registered engineers have permission to enter into this system.

Work Orders

Manually created work orders have been prevalent in this system. Manual work orders also include unforeseen challenges such as communication delays, extra costs for data entry employees, and minimized productivity.
Here, we manage the work orders automatically. For the first time, the status of the work order is “To Allocate”. Once it is allocated status is changed to “Allocated”. Admin can assign any of the engineers to do the task. The engineer needs to finish the task on the date of the appointment.

Manage Appliances

This is the module to manage the appliances in the system. Admin will add and update the appliances.