• ¬†Generate and Manage Assets
  • Manage Job Cards
  • Manage Issue & Return
  • Purchase Request
  • Generate Reports
  • Manage Work Request
Demo Admin
Admin : [email protected]/demo1234
Supported Versions
PHP : 7.0, 7.1, 7.2
Laravel : 5.5
Angular : 4
Software Technology : Laravel, Angular, MongoDB, Bootstrap 3
Browsers : Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE 11, Safari, Opera

Fleet Maintenance System

Fleet Maintenance system is maintenance tracking software that makes quick and easy work of tracking and organizing preventive and repair maintenance information for your fleet. Any unexpected maintenance performed on a vehicle will be also be recorded and saved.
This system provides everything you need to manage a fleet of generators, fuel tanks, Outdoor breakers, soft starter, trailers or heavy equipment. Dashboard, as the homepage contains different sessions. They are Notifications, Equipment Issue, Purchase Requests, Recent Projects, Recent Job Cards, Recent Work Requests, and Recent Material Requests. The design of this system is user-friendly.

Generate and Manage Assets

This module is used to manage the assets. There are mainly 5 types of assets in this system;

  • Generators
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Soft Starter
  • Outdoor Breakers

Here you can add, edit and view the assets details.

Manage Job Cards

It displays the Job Card details like Job Card ID, Work Request ID, Asset Code, Engine Serial No, Work Request and Opening Date, also an action option to view, edit and delete selected Job Card. Job Card Serial Number is an auto-generating field, which will be automatically generated when you select the Work Request Serial Number. You can also add attachments to the Job card.
There are internal job cards, which are the sub of the job cards. We can also create internal job cards. Here, Job Card Number, Job Card Opening Date and Type/Nature Of Repair To Be Performed are the mandatory fields. Internal Job Card Serial Number is an auto-generating field, which will be automatically generated while creating a new internal job card. Job cards are created based on the work request of employees.

Manage Issue & Return

At any given moment, try to deal with the issue; the automated issue will report the information of the vehicle that needs an immediate inspection to fix the issue.


This module is specifically designed for you to be able to take the report of maintenance, ticketing, equipment, and field operation.

Purchase Request

Here, you can request assets for purchase. Maintain the information for the purchase orders for the parts and the work orders given under the fleet and keep a track of it.

Inventory Management

Update the inventory with the new and existing stocks of the parts for the vehicles to keep the cost low and be pocket-friendly.

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