• Certificate discovery
  • Certificate expiration
  • Manage customers / Employees
  • Manage examiners
  • Equipements management
  • Add certificate types

Certificate System

The Certificate Management System (CMS) is a networked system for generation, distribution, storage and verification of certificates for use in a variety of security-enhanced applications. Certificate authorities are responsible for certificate management and serve as a registration authority for subscriber certificates.

Certificate discovery and management

Use a single console to discover and manage certificates across the enterprise, regardless of which certificate authority issued it. Admin will add the different types of certificates. Each type should have a unique prefix and FNO. Only the active certificate types are listed on the certificate creation page. Each certificate has a unique serial number, examination date, previous examination date, and Latest Date Before Next Examination.

Certificate Expiration

This module describes the details of certificates that expire within 30 days. You can simply download the report of the equipment or the certificate which is going to expire. You can sort the table based on the category, customer name, or certificate type.

Manage customers / Employees

Customers and employees can log in to this system, once registered by the admin. Admin will create the login details while creating a customer. Customers/ Employees have permission to change the password later. Only active customers can create certificates. Admin will send the issued certificates to the corresponding customers as mail.

Manage Examiners

Admin can add examiners by giving the name and signature. Customers can select the examiner while adding the certificate.